We have achieved back to back gold!

A huge congratulations to everyone involved in our towns result

We as a town have become the envy of many in our area. By working together we have shown the wider community the special town I have been fortunate to know. We have always been.

A retired councillor once told me if the residents of our town are asked to create an event, it will be so well supported and show what a special community we have.

I never cease to be so proud of what we all achieved, watching the huge group of volunteers working right up to the judging with huge pride and smiles on their faces. The Neighbourhood Awards have been achieved by the Rhuddlan Environment Group and Abbey Court and watching the judging I realised we could have won in so many other categories.

I was asked for a quote on the day of the judging and quoted “Wales in bloom has been a fantastic journey that has only just begun”.

Thank you to you all, you should be so proud of what you have all achieved.

As a result of your success we are now going forward into Britain in bloom and I am confident we will be able to show what our fantastic community is capable of .

Cllr Andy Smith – Mayor of Rhuddlan