A Blooming Marvellous Day

Britain in Bloom.jpg

Residents and businesses of Rhuddlan were out in force on the 1st August to showcase the Town in all its glory for the Britain in Bloom Award. Blodeuo Rhuddlan Bloom are already Gold Award winners of Wales in Bloom for 2016 and 2017 and have reached the finals for Britain in Bloom 2018.

Two Judges from Britain in Bloom visited Rhuddlan and were given a typical warm Rhuddlan Welcome. Over 22 local organisations and many individuals worked extremely hard putting in a lot of voluntary hours to get the Town immaculate.

The Chairman of Blodeuo, also the Mayor of Rhuddlan, Cllr Gareth Rowlands said that everybody had done a fantastic job and reiterated words from the Royal Horticultural Society that it was important to enjoy the event and to remember that it is a huge achievement to have made it to the UK Finals and that whatever the result, communities are doing a sterling job of engaging the community in horticulture and the environment.”

The results for Wales in Bloom will be announced on September 14th and the results for Britain in Bloom will be announced in October 19th.

In the photo are Lesley Jelleyman and Kim Parish, the two Britain in Bloom judges along with representatives of Blodeuo Rhuddlan Bloom.

Photo supplied by Barrie Mee