Your Council

Who we are and what we do

Rhuddlan Town Council is a town council serving a population of approximately 2,900 people in Rhuddlan, Denbighshire. It is composed of 11 Councillors elected within the ward of Rhuddlan.

What we spend and how we spend it

Information regarding our current income and expenditure can be found on our financial information page.

What our priorities are

  • To make prudent and effective use of resources;
  • To represent the views of the residents of Rhuddlan;
  • To provide open Government which is accessible to all;
  • To work with the community and our partners to maximise impact; and
  • To promote Rhuddlan as a safe, clean and welcoming town.

How we make decisions

Decisions can only be made in line with Council policy and the law. They include for example, spending within certain pre-defined limits, rules for deciding how to award contracts.

Although the Council is responsible as a body for its decisions, it can delegate a decision to another party. A Committee, sub-committee, officer or a Local Authority can act on its behalf. Rhuddlan Town Council has two Committees:

  • Information and Website Committee
  • Personnel Committee

Our policies and procedures

Information regarding current written protocols for delivering our functions and responsibilities can be found on our policies and procedures web page.

Lists and registers

Information held on registers required by law are available from the Town Clerk:

Register of Members Interest

Declaration of Acceptance of Office