Your Mayor

Cllr Gareth Rowlands


Thank you for nominating me, it’s a fantastic honour to represent Rhuddlan Council as Mayor for the 4th time. It is a privilege to represent this Council and the residents of Rhuddlan.

I would like to thank the previous Mayor, Councillor Andy Smith and his Consort Sue Smith for their commitment and hard work over the last year.

We have come a long way in the last few years from an almost failing Council back to where we should be – a progressive and modernising team and all councillors working together for the benefit of our Community.

However, we must not rest on our laurels— but to continue to improve by us all pulling in the same direction and working together.

I know we won’t always agree on everything but whatever we do we should always think of our community regardless of our personal view and opinions.

My Chaplain for the next 12 months will be the Reverend Brian Huw Jones.

Together with my wife Nerys I will do my upmost to promote Rhuddlan and we look forward to another successful year in our history

The Mayor’s Profile

I am honoured to have represented the residents of Rhuddlan for almost 40 years as Town Councillor, including 4 years as a Denbighshire County Councillor. I have seen a lot of changes in this time and how, as volunteers, our work load has increased.

Over the years I have been involved with various projects- was one of the original fund raising team for the community centre – recently involved with updating and modernising the council’s website, Currently the chairperson of Blodeuo Rhuddlan Bloom. with two gold awards in the Wales in Bloom competition to our name – and finalist for this year’s Britain in Bloom.

As a lifelong resident of Rhuddlan I am passionate about our town. I have extensive local and business knowledge being a retired dairy farmer and milk retail business (Rowlands Milk). I understand the needs of the residents within our town.

I’ve had the pleasure in representing Rhuddlan as mayor on 3 occasions, currently I’m Mayor and although council takes up a lot of my time I am also an active and founder member of St Asaph Rotary Club

Since my retirement I have taken up gardening and we are almost self sufficient in home grown produce. I am married to Nerys we have 4 grown up children and 6 grandchildren   and I enjoy my free time with them and walking The Wales Coastal Path.

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